Patient Financial Care

  • ARxPRO intelligently groups patients based on their shared payment characteristics and behaviors, with the goal of applying more personalized financial care strategies, workflows, and messages to different segments.

  • Seamlessly integrates into providers’ current patient financial care and engagement workflows
  • Evaluates alternative financial options and pricing scenarios that optimize payment compliance and financial wellness
  • Provides for personalized financial solutions and options that adjust to each patient
What Sets Us Apart

  • Real-time stratification and subgrouping of patients based on their payment attitudes and behaviors
  • Provides multidimensional visibility into patients’ unique economic capacities and how best to engage them financially
  • Extends beyond conventional segmentation and allows for personalized patient-centered financial care
  • Patented (USPTO Nos. 7,949,597; 8,234,209; 8,442,903)