Insurance Discovery & Verification

  • ARxPRO insurance discovery and verification algorithms combine innovative technology with human intelligence to explore coverage options and sources for patients presenting as self-pay.

  • Streamlines and automates workflows
  • Identifies patients eligible for, but not yet enrolled in Medicaid
  • Allows for retro-Medicaid discovery based on customizable business rule-sets that incorporate economic and demographic information
  • Provides for deductible monitoring and management
What Sets Us Apart

  • Real-time verification and discovery
  • Averages twice the number of queries per payor for each account when compared to other vendors
  • Employs direct connections to payor data infrastructures to find more active coverage
  • Applies advanced search algorithms for more than 2,000 payor/clearinghouse databases
  • Identifies active coverage for upwards of 5% of pure self-pay balances, which nets to 1.5% - 2% in insurance cash recovery (on average)