Today’s Standard in Patient Financial Care

  • To design the market’s most fiscally responsive, patient-centric financial care systems.

  • To reduce uncompensated care along with the economic and moral hazards associated with medically imposed financial hardship.

  • The nation’s most comprehensive system of patient financial care, powered by advanced analytics and our innovative “Compassionomics.”

For over a decade, ARxChange has pioneered patient financial care systems and advanced analytic methods raising the bar and becoming today’s standard. Our approach is engineered in optimizing the financial wellness of patients and their healthcare providers. The science is anchored in our “Compassionomics,” based on Nobel prize-winning mathematic principles.

The precision of our ARxChange Patient Revenue Optimization (ARxPRO) system emanates from our robust patent portfolio and enhanced analytic methods and qualifiers that adjust more dynamically and precisely to individual provider fiscal needs and patient economic diversity ― which is why many of the most well-known and respected clients in the market turn to ARxChange first to achieve their patient financial care, revenue, and operational goals.

Today’s standard in patient financial care