Patient Revenue Optimization
What is ARxPRO

ARxPRO is a cloud-based analytics and business intelligence system that discovers, designs, and delivers individually-tailored, personalized patient financial care at performance levels that achieve the highest possible revenue and payment compliance.

What ARxPRO does

ARxPRO individually diagnoses and prescribes personally tailored financial care and optimizes workflows for each patient down to the penny, pre- and post-service.

What sets ARxPRO apart

ARxPRO improves virtually every aspect of patient financial care by delivering the personalized financial equivalency of what electronic health record systems have done to individualize medical treatment.


Powered by our innovations in “Patientnomics”, ARxChange Patient Revenue Optimization (ARxPRO) is an integrated analytics and business intelligence system that designs individually-tailored patient financial care solutions at the highest revenue and payment compliance levels possible. ARxPRO allows healthcare providers, revenue cycle firms, as well as patient finance and billing entities to institute the market's most advanced, decisive, and effective patient financial care and revenue systems available today.

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