Charity Care & Adaptive Financial Assistance

  • ARxPRO calculates the applicable charity classification with the complementary capability of custom-tailored options for patients based on an array of financial assistance parameters and affordability characteristics.

  • Examines bad debt accounts against a provider’s own charity care and financial assistance eligibility to make sure that accounts are segmented appropriately into the right programs
  • Provides detailed data for FAP optimization and compliance
  • Tunes to the specific requirements of hospital FAP policies to designate whether patients are candidates for aid or other available grant programs
What Sets Us Apart

  • Real-time charity care and FAP determinations
  • Mathematically aligns patient affordability limits with the maximum revenue expectations of caregivers
  • Incorporates capability of individualized payment plan options for patients as required
  • Includes advanced adaptive and customized financial assistance logic
  • Identifies accounts that meet the criteria for charity care and financial assistance policies (FAP), which allows for automatic routing into specialized workflows