ARxChange partners with South Carolina Hospital Association Solutions

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SCHA Solutions is pleased to introduce our latest Preferred Partner – ARxChange. Through an integrated solution suite including self-payment analytics, driven by big-data science and investment-grade performance, ARxChange aims to help South Carolina healthcare providers improve net revenue and performance of self-pay receivables.

As patients take on more financial responsibility through an increasing number of high deductible plans, it is vital to understand the economic attributes, payment behavioral patterns, and key benchmark indications of the population you are caring for, so that you are able to accelerate, increase and predict the performance of your patient receivables with the same precision used throughout the world’s financial markets.

Through advanced market-based techniques, ARxChange identifies how to optimally manage performance by arming hospitals with investment-grade information about their patient population.

The information derived from the patented analytic platform:

  • Corrects and authenticates patient identity and contact data,
  • Verifies charity care eligibility and uncovers missed insurance coverage,
  • Provides probability to pay and the pacing to pay at the patient level,
  • Assigns a net-present value to each account, which is tied it to a non-recourse cash guarantee that’s convertible at any point in a patient receivable’s life-cycle, thereby removing performance doubt altogether.

You can learn more about this opportunity by contacting Jim Zadoorian, President of ARxChange, at As always, thank you for your continued support and feel free to reach out to me at with any questions.

Best regards,

Tommy Cockrell
President & CEO