ARxChange and Payor Logic Partner to Deliver a Single Point of Access Patient Receivables Solution for Healthcare

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Today, ARxChange and Payor Logic, Inc., combined their technologies to deliver the market’s most streamlined patient receivables solution through a single point of access for the healthcare market.

ARxChange uses patented, investment-grade analytics and market exchange technologies to improve patient receivables performance. Payor Logic applies sophisticated data mining techniques to TriCap’s technology system to perform real-time demographic verification, insurance verification, and insurance discovery for each receivable claim By harnessing the combination of these technologies, healthcare systems leap over conventional receivables performance barriers to streamline business processes and reduce operational cost through a single point of access.

“We’ve seen solid improvement in the predictability of our clients’ patient receivables performance and dramatic increases in the identification of billable insurance opportunities through our partnership with Payor Logic,” said James A. Zadoorian, Ph.D, Manaing Partner of TriCap.  “The integration of our technologies delivers unparalleled levels of payor visibility and coverage accuracy.”

“Receivables processes in healthcare have operated in a retrospective, inefficient manner for too long,” said Tyler Williams, partner, Payor Logic. “New reimbursement methods require greater flexibility and end-to-end data analysis to make informed decisions. Through the TriCap and Payor Logic partnership, health systems and providers have real-time access to actionable receivables and payor data that significantly improves their bottom lines,” said Tyler.

About ARxChange
TriCap Technology Group, LLC is a high-growth financial technology company designed to transform the U.S. medical debt and receivables sector into a highly performing, efficient, predicable, and liquid market place. With roughly $25 billion in listings and a market-commanding position in receivables analytics, TriCap’s ARxChange is the nation’s largest and most robust receivables marketplace in the US.

About Payor Logic
Payor Logic is an industry provider of revenue cycle solutions for healthcare. The company offers streamlined, integrated technology and services to manage patient receivables. Payor Logic’s streamlined integrated technology ensures cleaner patient data, faster reimbursement and simpler self-pay management. Used by hundreds of organizations nationwide, Payor Logic delivers a significant return on investment for healthcare providers and their billing companies. For more information, please visit