ARxChange initiative launched with Georgia Hospital Health Services

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ARxChange has launched a new initiative with Georgia Hospital Health Services (GHHS), the shared services subsidiary of the Georgia Hospital Association, to develop advanced data products that will revolutionize the accounts receivable process and strengthen a hospital’s financial performance. The formation of the partnership between GHHS and ARxChange was announced earlier this year.

The ARxChange’s patented, analytics-based technology, recently highlighted in Forbes and Inside Patient Finance magazines, and by HFMA, can authenticate the correctness of all relevant patient information, and assign an accurate value to a hospital’s accounts receivables.

“For the first time, hospitals can take the “cycle” out of the costly, labor-intensive revenue cycle management process,” said Glenn E. Pearson, FACHE, GHHS Executive Vice President “This enables hospitals to put more resources into what they do best, caring for patients.”

“ARxChange transforms how hospitals value and manage their receivables assets,” said Jim Zadoorian, PhD, President and COO for ARxChange. “It enables hospitals to move towards the kind of approaches used in world financial markets. We are excited about working with Georgia hospitals and GHHS in this new venture.” GHHS and ARxChange are conducting a two-part webinar series to provide more details about the initiative.

About ARxChange/TriCap Technology Group

TriCap Technology Group, LLC is a high-growth financial technology company founded in late 2005 to transform the US debt and receivables sector into a fully articulated liquid market place. With over $10 billion in listings, TriCap’s keystone and patented platform, ARxChange is the nation’s marketplace for converting debt and receivables into cash. TriCap holds intellectual property rights on the most essential processes used throughout the US receivables and debt markets. TriCap initially pursued medical and student loan receivables as its first commercial applications. Due to the broad applicability of its system and intellectual property protections, the ARxChange is expanding into virtually every industry segment, including: consumer, business-to-business, government, mortgage, and the credit markets as a whole.

About Georgia Hospital Health Services

Georgia Hospital Health Services is the shared services subsidiary of the Georgia Hospital Association. GHHS strives to locate companies or programs that offer a strategic benefit for GHA member hospitals. The Georgia Hospital Association is a nonprofit trade association made up of member health systems, hospitals, and individuals in administrative and decision-making positions within those institutions. Founded in 1929, GHA serves 170 hospitals in Georgia. Its purpose is to promote the health and welfare of the public through the development of better hospital care for all of Georgia’s citizens. GHA members are committed to improving institutional healthcare services and, in turn, patient care.