ARxChange presents at HIMSS 19, Champions of Health Unite

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At HIMSS 2019 Global Conference, ARxChange’s Managing Principal James Zadoorian, Ph.D. joined a distinguished list of industry-leading speakers and panelists (including Microsoft) to share his perspectives on the opportunities of blockchain’s disruptive potential in healthcare. In this symposium, Dr. Zadoorian highlighted the incorporation of ARxChange’s “no patient left behind behavioral economics” as a means to stabilize future-state blockchain-based healthcare economies. His central premise was that for there to be a sustainable economy of any sorts, there first needs to be sustainable economic activity – one predicated on predictable transactions. In particular, Dr. Zadoorian focused on using behavioral economics to offer patients more tailored and customized financial assistance strategies early in their care journey. He illustrated how customized financial plans based on a patient's economic behaviors and circumstances are financially beneficial for hospitals and health systems, can unleash patient economic capacity, and that together they could serve as the basis for future-state crypto-currency designs.