ARxChange hosts statewide webinar for South Carolina's Thought Partner Webinar Series

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ARxChange presents for South Carolina Hospital Association's statewide Thought Partner Webinar Series. During this webinar, ARxChange Managing Principal James A. Zadoorian, Ph.D. shared leading perspectives on how to redefine the limits of patient financial care. In particular, he illustrated how to design (and sustain) fiscally responsive, patient-centric financial care systems; how to price intelligently; and how to reduce uncompensated care along with the economic and moral hazards associated with medically imposed financial hardship. He concluded with a simple, three-step action design plan that covered

  1. How to perform a baseline assessment to discover revenue potential, opportunity, cost savings, and where leakage and drift are presently occurring
  2. How to integrate the core "system” elements of patient financial care
  3. How to measure what really matters & drives results