ARxChange addresses statewide Small and Rural Hospital Council

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On February 2, ARxChange Managing Principal James A. Zadoorian, Ph.D. addressed South Carolina’s statewide small and rural hospital council. Dr. Zadoorian discussed the ”patient financial care" imperative sweeping across the US, and how to set up each South Carolina health system with a business intelligence platform that helps direct performance, and monitor revenue, opportunity, cost savings, and where leakage and drift are presently occurring. The offering (delivered in partnership with the South Carolina Hospital Association) is contemplated to include:

  • Patient performance ROI scenarios
  • Opportunity and risk profiles
  • Cost reductions
  • Vendor simplification/accountability options
  • Data-directed and patient-centric workflows that lift net performance
  • Comparative benchmarking
  • Peer and performance user-groups
  • Analytic and performance support