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About TriCap Technology Group LLC

TriCap Technology Group, LLC is a financial technology firm that uses comparative and predictive data analytics to optimize health systems revenue and patient receivables’ performance.

It’s core product, ARxChange, is a cloud based guided-analytics platform that is paired with market-exchange and interpretative financial management techniques that together isolate, quantify, and prioritize revenue growth and leakage sources within health systems’ revenue cycle and patient receivables.

ARxChange TriCap Technology Group LLC

Joseph E. LaManna – Managing Partner, CEO

Mr. LaManna co-founded TriCap Technology Group, LLC and directs the firm’s strategic corporate affairs, growth, revenue strategies, branding, and market positioning. Joe is a specialist at managing large sales and business development teams, securing profitable new revenue streams, and positioning companies for top and bottom-line success… and has done so with a number of financial and technology leaders including Goldman Sachs & Co., NYNEX/Bell Atlantic, Register.com, and DoubleClick’s TechSolutions Group. He earned his MBA from New York University’s Stern School in Finance and International Business, and his BA degree in Marketing and Finance from Iona College.

James A. Zadoorian, Ph.D. – Managing Partner, President

Dr. Zadoorian co-founded TriCap Technology Group, LLC and architected the ARxChange solution suite along with its analytics system, trade exchange, and intellectual property portfolio. He oversees business operations, corporate affairs, product design and development. Jim authored the firm’s patents on the foundational properties that are used to value receivables throughout U.S. consumer debt markets, including medical accounts. As a result, the company’s approach to advancing receivables performance have been featured in leading publications likes Forbes Magazine and the Wall Street Journal. Jim received his Ph.D. and M.A degrees from the Rockefeller School at the State University of New York at Albany and his undergraduate degree from Siena College.

Barry Schochet – Advisory Board Member

Barry specializes in hospital services. He served as the President of Tenet Health System Hospitals Inc. and Former Vice Chairman of Tenet Healthcare Corp. Mr. Schochet has been the President and Chief Executive Officer at BPS Health Ventures, LLC and an Operating Partner at CIC Partners, LP.

David C. House – Advisory Board Member

David C. House has been President of Raycliff Acquisition Corp. and Group President of American Express. He also served as Advisor of Pegasus Capital Advisors, and was an Advisor to the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of American Express Company.

Martin Begun – Advisory Board Member

Mr. Begun has a long and distinguished career in public service and community relations. Currently he is a partner in Reiter/Begun Associates, LLC, a private sector consulting firm that specializes in management and marketing for governmental and community relations. Mr. Begun worked for more than 35 years at New York University School of Medicine and Medical Center as Senior Associate Dean and Vice President for External Affairs.

Stuart Shapiro, M.D. – Advisory Board Member

Dr. Shapiro has served more than three decades in a wide range of public and private sector positions. In the public sector, he has served as Commissioner of Health for the City of Philadelphia, Senior Staff Member of the U.S. Senate Sub-Committee on Health and Scientific Research, and Deputy Health Commissioner for the state of Massachusetts. In the private sector, Dr. Shapiro has led turnarounds in a variety of public and privately-held companies. He has also provided innovative leadership to large non profit organizations.

Michael Beakley – Chief Operating Officer

Michael manages corporate analytics and trade affairs. Previously, he started and ran a consulting and financial services company, and also spent time working for Deloitte, a leading healthcare consulting firm. Michael has deep skills in analyzing complex data and transforming it into easily accessible information, as well as using analytics to provide companies with cost effective and easily implemented solutions. Michael has a B.S degree in Accounting from Washington & Lee University.

Katie Babcock – Director, Business Development, Marketing and Public Relations

Katie directs business development, marketing and public relations. Prior to joining the firm, she worked under the Chief Medical Officer at BlueCross BlueShield in the Clinical Informatics department, focusing on solving analytical business challenges for various large clients. She then worked for the for-profit subsidiary of the South Carolina Hospital Association focusing on business development and building strategic relationships. Katie holds a Master’s in Health Administration from the University of South Carolina.

Michael Abdullah, Chief Technology Officer

Michael leads new product development, provides technical strategic vision, and identifies opportunities for long-term growth in our IT department.  Previously, he led development for eviCore healthcare, a leading Clinical Review and Utilization Management company.  In addition to his strong healthcare experience, Michael has years of experience in technical team leadership, modern web technologies and best practices, and innovative design.  Michael has a B.S in Computer Information Systems from the University of South Carolina

David Beakley, Senior Analyst

David is a data quality management specialist and analytics engineer dedicated to the development and maintenance of innovative insights through sustainable, scalable processes.  David has a B.S. degree in Biology from Texas Tech University. He previously formed and managed an administrative outsourcing & consulting company specializing in financial services and operational work-flow optimization.

Osias Lozano, Data and Analytics Manager

Osias manages the technical aspect of the data and analytics. In joining ARxChange, he transitioned from active duty and is currently serving in the Reserves in the United States Marine Corps. Prior to joining the Marines, Osias was a Digital Signal Processing engineer at INGELEC. Osias has a B.S in Computational Science from the University of South Carolina Beaufort.

Luke Van der Hoeven, Chief Information Security Officer

Luke oversees infrastructure architecture, operations and security. Previously he worked as a software and operations engineer for SaaS providers in e-learning, advertising and telecom industries. He has twelve years of industry experience from a broad variety of technology platforms including AWS, Microsoft and Oracle. He specializes in software design and development, IT automation and data visualization. Luke has a B.S. in Computer Science from Cedarville University.