The South Florida Hospital & Healthcare Association partners with ARxChange, the only revenue cycle company in the nation that guarantees results

The South Florida Hospital and Healthcare Association (SFHHA) has endorsed ARxChange as a strategic member partner. SFHHA evaluated ARxChange’s patented receivables trading exchange and its leading-edge analytics tools and found that together they should offer an unparalleled strategic benefit and competitive financial performance advantage to SFHHA members. Several of the most pressing business challenges facing hospital executives today include how best to address the rising tide of bad debt, improve and accelerate cash flow, and maximize receivables performance (and margins) to meet their community and charitable missions. Appropriately removing performance impediments and uncertainty results in significant revenue potential for South Florida hospitals.

Owned and operated by the TriCap Technology Group, LLC, the ARxChange uses performance indexing systems and investment-grade criteria that are applied to receivables tranches to assign and realize value. In doing so, the ARxChange improves performance integrity, which allows receivables to move more immediately, transparently, and predictably through internal and external capital and servicing partners at pre-determined guaranteed performance terms.

“By harnessing the compounding effect of the above principles, the ARxChange can help health systems leap over contemporary disposition obstacles and thereby accelerate the liquidation pace on all uncollected asset classes; thus taking the guesswork out of collections and providing immediate and forward-looking revenue visibility and liquidity health systems can count on,” according to Joseph E. LaManna, MBA, and CEO of the TriCap Technology Group.

Jaime Caldwell, President, SFHHA, said, “We have entered into a new relationship with TriCap Technology Group in an effort to allow our members and friends to take advantage of their proven leading-edge technology. Using their predictive analytics and receivables clearinghouse system, our constituents can maximize asset returns, ensure compliance, enhance data integrity, put a halt to revenue leakage, and bring insight and transparency to the entire debt disposition process, while guaranteeing higher performance and accelerated cash flow throughout the revenue cycle.”


The South Florida Hospital and Healthcare Association is a 501(c)(6) trade association dedicated to improving the efficient delivery of quality healthcare services to our communities by championing collaboration and communication among leaders across the healthcare continuum. SFHHA brings together from across the healthcare continuum the stakeholders that impact, influence, and affect the delivery of healthcare to shape direction, solve problems, and offer sound advice. For more information about the South Florida Hospital and Healthcare Association, visit

About ARxChange

TriCap Technology Group, LLC, is a high-growth financial technology company founded in late 2005 to transform the U.S. medical debt and receivables sector into a more fully articulated liquid marketplace. With roughly $17 billion in listings and a market-commanding position in receivables analytics, TriCap’s ARxChange is the nation’s largest and most robust receivables marketplace in the U.S. For additional information, please visit

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