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Data-Guided Medical Debt Settlement

Designed to enhance health systems’ existing financial assistance and charity-care discount programs, ARxChange’s Medical Debt Amnesty (MDA) applies sophisticated wealth and economic analytics to determine a truer portrayal of patients’ financial resiliencies and their optimal debt settlement capacity.

How It Works

MDA eligibility corresponds with preexisting financial assistance methods. It uses a combination of modeled and stated income to prequalify Program candidates.

  1. Step one involves the use of advanced analytics that model household incomes, financial resiliency, and monthly discretionary medical debt payment capacity.
  1. Step two categorizes patients into presumptive MDA- and non-MDA candidate pools. Health systems then engage in a proactive campaign using MDA marketing material, talk-tracks and customized scripts to contact those in the presumptive MDA candidate pool.
  1. Step three involves obtaining stated income from MDA candidates, which is statistically corroborated with modeled income to ensure central business office and vendor performance protocols for immediate and uniformed debt settlement resolution.
medical debt amnesty

MDA candidates receive approval letters confirming their acceptance into the program, subject to adhering to programatic requirements. Each letter is customized to reflect patients’ individualized amnesty plan, including:

  • Terms
  • Payment amount, which is preset using a variety of economic and discretionary financial considerations.
  • Payment schedule
  • Participation and default considerations
  • Program contact