ARxChange® selected as the endorsed vendor for Revenue Cycle Performance and Receivables Analytics by Georgia Hospital Health Services

Georgia Hospital Health Services (GHHS), the shared services subsidiary of the Georgia Hospital Association, has exclusively endorsed ARxChange as a strategic vendor partner.  GHHS evaluated ARxChange’s patented receivables trading exchange and its leading-edge analytics systems and found that together, they offer an unparalleled strategic benefit and competitive financial performance advantage to GHA member hospitals. Hospitals are always striving to stem the tide of rising bad debt, improve and accelerate cash flow, and enhance receivables performance and margins to meet their community and charitable missions. Appropriately removing performance impediments and uncertainty result in significant revenue potential for Georgia hospitals. Hospitals using the ARxChange experience guaranteed and immediate returns across all receivable classes, which typically average 8% – 12% more than historical performance.

Owned and operated by by TriCap Technology Group, LLC, the ARxChange (shorthand for “accounts receivable exchange) has rapidly become the nation’s marketplace for receivable performance, analysis, and disposition, with over $10 billion in listings. The ARxChange uses performance indexing systems and investment-grade criteria that are applied to receivables tranches. In doing so, the ARxChange improves performance integrity, which allows receivables to move more immediately, transparently, and predictably through internal and external servicing sectors at pre-designated guaranteed performance terms. By harnessing the compounding effect of the above principles, the ARxChange can help health systems leap over contemporary disposition obstacles and thereby accelerate the pace for full and fair-market performance on all, or selected, asset classes,” according to Jim Zadoorian, Ph.D, President of TriCap.

“This relationship with ARxChange represents an exciting opportunity for GHHS to open an additional lane for receivables performance — a fast-track or superhighway of sorts, for more predictable, immediate, evidenced-based and guaranteed returns under hospital sanctioned and safeguarded servicing terms, according to Glenn Pearson, GHHS, Executive Vice President.

About GHHS

Georgia Hospital Health Services is the shared services subsidiary of the Georgia Hospital Association. GHHS strives to locate companies or programs that offer a strategic benefit GHA member hospitals. The Georgia Hospital Association is a nonprofit trade association made up of member health systems, hospitals and individuals in administrative and decision-making positions within those institutions. Founded in 1929, GHA serves 170 hospitals in Georgia. Its purpose is to promote the health and welfare of the public through the development of better hospital care for all of Georgia’s citizens. GHA members are committed to improving institutional health care services and, in turn, patient care.

About ARxChange

As featured in Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, HFMA, and Inside Patient Finance the ARxChange® is owned and operated by TriCap Technology Group, LLC – a high-growth financial technology company founded in late 2005 to transform the US debt and receivables sector into a more predicable, fully articulated liquid market place. ARxChange’s patent portfolio protects its trading exchange and analytics system and affords it exclusive rights to the organization, sorting, ranking, valuing and posting of debt and receivables across all US markets, including healthcare. For more information, goto, or contact Jim Zadoorian, Ph.D. (843-757-5469)

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