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ARxChange Receivables Clearinghouse

The ARxChange Receivables Clearinghouse expedites movement away from conventional patient receivables management approaches to the kind used in financial sectors. This affords health systems improved visibility into their receivables performance by delivering recurring, reliable, non-recourse guaranteed performance.

How It Works

The system groups accounts into performance microsegments, each of which is tied to a cash amount that is convertible at any point in the patient receivables’ life-cycle, thereby removing performance doubt altogether.

Health systems model their current state performance relative to the market rate conversion options and then safely redeem or clear receivables pools for their current cash values. On a forward basis, each newly uploaded receivable pool is rated and grouped into its respective performance segment. Segments designated for clearing are automatically directed to the previously selected capital partner and servicer who are contractually bound to compliant and non-recourse performance terms. Funds for each cleared tranche are transferred immediately to the health system.



  • Standardized and normalized patient receivables value
  • Eliminate performance uncertainty
  • Enhances performance safeguards, compliance, and integrity
  • Accelerated cash flow and margin lift