Combining High Tech with High Touch. The Cure for Harmful Medical Debt Collection Practices?

In a multi-part series titled “Medical Debt Collections: High Tech, High Touch - High Time,” I am chronicling the role of companies, organizations and individuals who are, out of the public eye, devoting their energy to tackling and remedying the damage done by the existence - and pursuit - of unpaid and unpayable personal medical [...]

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Market Transformation: The Anatomy of “Revenue Cycle 2.0” From Revenue Cycle to Asset Management

This keynote discusses revenue cycle’s evolving role, identity and architecture against the backdrop of unprecedented growth in the amount of patient receivables. The central theme is that conventional revenue cycle practices are rapidly giving way to the more advanced principles of asset management — not as a temporary departure, but rather as a structural transformation [...]

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Absolute Receivables Risk Reduction – Securing Guaranteed Performance in the Face of Growing Patient Financial Responsibility

This session describes how U.S. health systems can dramatically reduce risk associated with the resolution of the patient portion of medical bills. It illustrates that by aligning medical debt collection best practices and emerging federal requirements with market-based, investment-grade financial techniques, healthcare executives can altogether reduce performance risk by achieving guaranteed resolution of their patient [...]

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