How A (Non-Apple) U.S. Patent Might Just Change the World

As reported on Yesterday in California, an ostensively historic brouhaha took center stage in Federal Court over smartphone patents between technology titans Apple and Samsung. Depending on the final outcome, the case may prove momentous not simply because Apple is seeking an unprecedented $2.5B in damages, but because the nature of Apple’s patent infringement claims against its rival hinge on particular [...]

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New Patent Could Turn U.S. Debt Portfolio Market on its Ear published a story this morning on its blog 'The Business of Receivables' regarding the announcement of a patent issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office to TriCap Technology Group. TriCap owns the open market debt portfolio exchange platform, ARxChange. The new patent (# 8234209) has material implications for the U.S. debt [...]

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Federal Patent Granted on Medical Debt Exchange and Matching Service

As Reported on In 2005 TriCap Technology Group's method to efficiently valuate and place medical receivables with debt buyers, collection agencies and early out specialists through its online trading exchange was just a concept. Last month that process was validated as a unique and superior method when it was issued a federal patent. Jim [...]

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