TriCap Technology Group’s CEO Refuses to Wait for Opportunity to Knock

Joseph LaManna isn’t one to wait for opportunity to knock. His experience overseeing Afternic, a domain name auction platform acquired during his tenure as vice president of global sales, gave him the idea to use similar technology applications on other technology-oriented market segments that were underserved or on the verge of significant upheaval. That [...]

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ARxChange Receives 2014 Excellence Award from US Trade & Commerce Institute – USTCRI

Each year the USTCRI conducts business surveys and industry research to identify companies that have distinguished themselves among their competitors and peers. USTCRI oversees an annual survey commissioned on various industries and then determines which companies meet and exceed the industry benchmarks that have been set forth. This past year's research led to ARxChange's selection, [...]

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TriCap Technology Group, LLC Launches ARxChange Receivables Clearinghouse

Today, TriCap Technology Group, LLC announced the launch of its ARxChange Receivables Clearinghouse in Georgia, in partnership with the Georgia Hospital Health Services, Inc. (GHHS), a subsidiary of the Georgia Hospital Association (GHA). As highlighted in Forbes, Inside Patient Finance and HFMA, the ARxChange Receivables Clearinghouse organizes receivables in a central repository, corrects inaccurate demographic [...]

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Revolutionizing Hospitals’ Revenue Cycle Performance

The Financial Liberation of U.S. Health Systems argues that too many gains in revenue cycle management are being offset by neutralizing factors and performance tradeoffs. Gains in performance that a generation ago had been secured by way of revenue cycle's size and complexity are now offset by losses in revenue visibility and integrity, with a commensurate [...]

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A Patented Approach to Organizing, Valuing, and Improving Medical Receivables Performance

An hfm Web Extra In May 2011, TriCap Technology Group received a federal patent for its processes for organizing the medical receivables market, determining receivables portfolio market value, and establishing the process by which healthcare organizations award portfolios to receivables management firms. It is unclear what effect the patent will have on health care systems [...]

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A New Approach to Receivables

This past May, TriCap Technology Group received a patent for the approach it has been using with health systems across the nation to organize, value, and trade medical accounts receivables on an open market exchange. The system projects how medical receivables will perform based on their lifetime value. TriCap then matches health systems with servicing [...]

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Federal Patent Granted on Medical Debt Exchange and Matching Service

In 2005 TriCap Technology Group's method to efficiently valuate and place medical receivables with debt buyers, collection agencies and early out specialists through its online trading exchange was just a concept. Last month that process was validated as a unique and superior method when it was issued a federal patent. Jim Zadoorian, Ph.D., president and [...]

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