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21st Century Patient Receivables Performance

ARxChange stands on proven and progressive approaches that bring the prospect of financial liberation from constraints within today’s conventional patient receivables performance — not as a temporary departure, but rather as a structural transformation and lasting change.

It is by harnessing the compounding effect of our analytics, compassionate debt amnesty principles, and advanced market-exchange technology, that ARxChange launches the market into its next generation.

ARxChange Patient Receivables Analytics

ARxChange realizes optimal business value via its patented predictive modeling; it assigns expected liquidation ranges and net yields across 48 patient payment microsegments. When independently tested for accuracy, statistical analysis showed that ARxChange’s segmentation model significantly outperformed others by properly identifying more than 3X the number of paying accounts when compared to other leading propensity to pay and credit scoring products.


  • Advanced patient payment microsegmentation
  • Key performance indicators and socioeconomic payment profiles
  • Geo-analytics, market-trending, and demographic payment pattern analysis
  • Patient receivables productivity and patient data integrity metrics
  • Charity care data and insurance coverage discovery
  • Internal and external benchmarking and peer performance comparisons

ARxChange Receivables Clearinghouse

The ARxChange Receivables Clearinghouse is an integrated, centralized, electronic marketplace. It connects health systems to qualified institutional capital entities that acquire receivables, grouped into 48 investment-grade segments or pools, each of which carries a going-market rate.

Ahead of placing accounts into the Clearinghouse, health systems evaluate cashflow and return rates relative to their current or forward-looking performance using ARxChange modeling functionality. They then customize an optimal performance strategy, which includes holding a select portion of receivables, while clearing the remainder. The process is automated and recurs monthly.


  • Guaranteed, monthly, non-recourse payment for all patient receivables converted through the Clearinghouse
  • Optimal performance scenario, forecasting and cashflow modeling
  • Customized patient receivables net yield analysis
  • Patientreceivables liquidity and financial management

ARxChange Medical Debt Amnesty

Medical Debt Amnesty (MDA) is ARxChange’s data-guided, compassionate write-off initiative that is designed to supplement health systems’ existing financial assistance and charity-care discount programs. Whereas conventional financial assistance programs only go so far as to use Federal Poverty Income Guideline thresholds to set medical debt and charity care discounts, MDA applies more sophisticated wealth and economic data using ARxChange analytics to determine a truer portrayal of patients’ financial resiliencies and to set their amnesty amounts.


  • Advanced analytics that model household incomes, financial resiliency, and monthly discretionary medical debt payment capacity
  • Proactive patient communication, marketing material, talk-tracks and customized scripts to contact those in the presumptive MDA candidate pool
  • 501(r) compliance and auditable data to support MDA/presumptive care determinations
  • Flexible MDA program management and administration options